TERM I (2020)
120th September 2020Arrival of First Year students
221st September 2020Registration First Year students
322th September 2020Orientation of First Year students Begins
425th September 2020Orientation of First Year students Ends
527th September 2020Arrival of Returning Students
628th September 2020Class Begins
715th November 2020Registration Ends
816th November 2020Late Registration Begins
901st December 2020Late Registration Ends
1004th December 2020Class Ends
1107th December 2020Recess Begins
1207th December 2020ODL Residential School Begin
1328th December 2020ODL Residsetial school End
   TERM II (2020)
13rd January 2021Students Return - Regular
24th January 2021Classes Begins - Regular
38th to 17th March 2021Early Sessional Exams (Regular 4th Year Students)
419th March 2021Classes Ends - Regular ( Year : i, ii & iii )
520th March 2021Recess Begins
621st to 26th March 2021 ODL Residential School (2021/2022 intake)
722nd March 2021ODL Residential Examinations Start
86th April 2021ODL Residential Examinations End
   TERM  III (2020)
129th March 2021School Experience for 4th Year Students (Regular and ODL)
211th April 2021Student Returns - Regular
312th April 2021Class Begins - Regular
414th May 2021Class Ends - Regular
517th to 21st May 2021Study Break Begins - Regular
624th May 2021Sessional Examinations Begin - Regular
74th June 2021Sessional Examinations End - Regular
85th June 2021Recess Begins
97th to 15th June 2021Deferred Examinations - Regular
1028th to 30th June 2021School Board of Examiners
116th July 2021Senate Meeting
128th July 2021Publication of Results for Regular and ODL (2020/2021)
1312th to 16th July 2021Supplementary Examinations
   TERM  I (2021/2022)
14th July 2021Arrival of First Year Students (2021/2022 intake)
25th July 2021Registration First Year students
37th July 2021Orientation of First Year students Begins
49th July 2021Orientation of First Year students Ends
511th July 2021Arrival of returning Returing Students
612th July 2021Clases Begin - Regular
723rd July 2021Publication of  Supplementary Examination Results